Luxer Lockers

  • Main Unit
  • Add-on Unit
  • Oversized Unit
  • Dry Clean Unit

Main Unit

Our base unit contains a screen, battery backup, electronics and 15 compartments. Only one main unit is required with every installation. Additional screens can be purchased separately and mounted on any surface.

Add-on Unit

This unit contains 17 additional compartments. You can add as many of these as you need!

Oversized Unit

We found that about 20% of packages do not fit in standard lockers, which is why we strongly recommend at least one of these with every install. Adding an oversized locker means your lockers will be able to handle 100% of packages. If something is too large for our oversized unit (and it would have to be quite large), the resident will need to schedule a delivery.

Dry Clean Unit

Provide convenient & affordable clothing cleaning service to residents as an amenity! Patented angled lockers and interior bars allow for freshly cleaned clothing to drape inside, minimizing wrinkles. The wide locker design provides ample space for wash & fold delivery.