Oversized Packages

We have found that approximately 20% of packages will not fit in a standard locker. With our special oversized locker, we are able to handle 100% of reasonable sized packages. Our oversized locker is linked with our video surveillance system, allowing multiple oversized packages to be delivered to the locker.

Manager Interface

Get a complete picture of our system. See every delivery, view reports and much more. Access can be controlled at the building level or corporate level, giving you flexibility and the ability to manage multiple locations at once.

Online Video Surveillance

Our online surveillance system provides a real-time online view of the lockers, along with cloud recording of all activities. You can login and review past activities, as well as listen and communicate to people through the camera.

Automated Building Access

Our system can be integrated into your building access control system. We allow you to control which carriers can access the building, as well as the service hours. All entries are logged, so you can view them through the manager interface.

Proof of Pick-up

We can see who picked up every package through our surveillance system. The system logs every time the locker is accessed, by both drivers and residents.

Customized Reminders

We can customize the email and/or SMS reminders and storage thresholds for each location. You can specify when residents will receive notification of their packages and you can set any associated storage or package fees.

Signature Required

You have the option of a signature on every delivery or just the ones specified by the courier. When the resident picks up the package, a signature is captured and the image is stored in our management interface.

Remote Management

We can handle most hardware and customer service issues through our remote management systems, which means we generally don’t have to involve onsite staff.

Key Override

Each building is equipped with a key that enables property staff to manually override the system. If a package is stuck or another issue comes up, your staff will be equipped to handle it.

Return to Sender

Should a package not be picked up, or a package delivered for a resident that no longer lives at the property, the system will flag the package as “return to sender.” When the courier comes to make their next delivery, the locker will prompt them to retrieve and return the package.

Unregistered Tenants (patent pending)

With corporate housing, new move ins and roommate situations, there is the possibility that some residents may receive packages before registering on the system. When this happens, a designated employee will receive notice of the delivery, allowing them to contact the resident and reassign the package when they sign up.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

As part of our commitment to customer service and resident support, we  guarantee 99.9% uptime for our residential communities.


Luxer One offers integration for every property management software suite.

*Fees from property management software vendors may apply.

Interested in the Luxer One options available for your property? Email sales@luxerone.com or call us at 415.528.2893 for more information and pricing.

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