We’ve been innovating locker-based delivery in residential, commercial, and private properties for over 11 years. Our team is made up of developers and innovators who have spent their careers designing beautiful tech experiences with smart features, resulting in easy-to-use and convenient solutions to make yours and your employees’ lives easier!

Speed & Efficiency

Luxer One’s unique software is designed for a super-speedy, user-friendly experience, allowing for 15-second deliveries. The efficient system replaces replaces the need for a high-touch, manually distributed package staff at your office.

Fully-Branded Experience

Store branding is maintained throughout the full site-to-store experience. Order-related emails continue as they are, while lockers and touchscreen software appear in branded colors and logos.

Fully Integrated

Luxer One’s software integration provides every account with photographic proof of pick-up with signature & timestamp. Online and mobile-friendly account management allows your employees to keep track of their packages.

Modular & Expandable

Our fully modular lockers can be expanded and customized for individual workplace needs. Make attractive use of your office space with placement anywhere inside or outside.

24/7 Access & Support

Our support team is available to your staff and employees 24/7. All configurations are accessible 24/7, so your team can pick up their packages any time the office is open.

Security & Surveillance

With Luxer Locker’s heavy duty steel construction, your employees can rest assured that their items are safely stowed away. Plus, 24/7 audio & video surveillance monitors all locker activity.

Interested in improving your workplace package management process? Email sales@luxerone.com or call us at (877) LUXER-38 for more information and pricing.