How long does it take to make a delivery?

It takes 15 to 20 seconds to deliver one item to a locker. We have found that this per-item time decreases as delivery staff becomes more familiar with the process.

What is the warranty on the system?

As part of the support contract, we provide free replacement of any defective electronics or locks. Metal locker components are warrantied for 3 years. Our warranty excludes any damage caused by vandalism, excessive wear & tear, or adverse climate conditions. Software maintenance and upgrades are provided free of charge as long as your account is current.

What involvement will Luxer One have post-installation?

Luxer One will continue to help you use the system after installation is complete. With our support contract, we will provide support for your employees via phone, remote monitoring, and email.

Can someone other than the listed recipient pick up an item on an employee’s behalf?

Yes, your employees can have someone else (most likely another colleague) pick up their item on their behalf by simply sharing their access code with that person.

Does Luxer One integrate with our backend systems?

Yes. Luxer One integrates with your employee list for easy delivery. With our software integration, Luxer One provides photographic proof of pick-up, signatures, and timestamps; other than this information, Luxer One never has access to any other user data.

Can Luxer One customize the software to fit our brand and our desired user experience?


Is video surveillance included in the system?

Yes. Luxer One maintains 10 days worth of video surveillance.

Is the system ADA compatible?

Yes. The touchscreen is below 48″ and we ensure all locker sizes are available between 15” and 48” high. Employees will need to specify if they need a low locker, so that their items are only delivered to the accessible lockers for their ease-of-use.

What color/style/shape of lockers are available?

The lockers are fully customizable and modular. We will work with you to configure a solution with the right locker sizes and colors for your needs.

Can our system come with multiple touchscreen stations?

Yes. We can add as many touchscreens and lockers as you need. We can even provide hand held devices for your team to load in packages.

Can employees get reminders to pick up their item?

Yes. Luxer One sends additional email reminders if a package hasn’t been picked up.

If an employee cannot retrieve their item, who do they contact and how? If it is with your company, what are the staffed service hours?

Employees may reach out directly to Luxer One’s staffed support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How are employees notified of a delivery?

Your employee will receive an email that notifies them when their parcel is ready for pick-up. The email includes instructions on how to find the lockers and retrieve their item.

Do we need an employee to staff the lockers during business hours?

No. The purpose of Luxer One for Office is to minimize your staff’s time spent managing and distributing packages. Your employees will be able to pick up their own packages independently.

How do you onboard/train our staff on how to use the lockers?

Luxer One will provide a comprehensive training session, along with flyers, stickers, and other marketing materials to educate your team. It is the responsibility of the customer to fully onboard its staff.

Who loads the packages in the lockers?

Generally, your mailroom and/or receiving staff will be responsible for placing packages in the lockers. However, the software would allow parcel carriers to deliver directly as well, if you prefer.

What are your installation requirements (space, volume, etc.)?

We will create a proposal for you that will include installation specifications. A few important specs to note are:

  • Wired Internet connection with at least 1.5Mbps upload speed is required
  • A 110v outlet is required
  • Lockers must fit through building doorway
  • When choosing a location for the lockers, the more convenient you can make it for your employees, the easier it will be for them to independently retrieve their items

How many lockers do we need?

The best way to estimate how many lockers you’ll need is to know your current package volume. When we have the estimated package volume, we look at your demographics and the number of employees at your office and come up with a number of lockers for your workplace. Because package volume is growing by about 20% per year, we will also help you plan for inevitable growth in the future.