It’s a controversial topic: should you allow employees to have personal packages delivered to the office? With Luxer One for Office, you can confidently answer, “Yes!”


Our office & commercial locker solutions automate the package delivery process, reducing the time and effort your mailroom spends managing packages. You can provide your employees with a useful amenity that boosts morale, without sacrificing your mailroom’s productivity.

Fast Delivery

Just 15 seconds to deliver a package to Luxer One lockers, instead of hand-delivering them throughout the office.

Increase productivity

Increase your mailroom staff’s productivity by reducing their workload and ensuring easy package tracking.

Happier Employees

Employees can easily recieve their packages at work without worrying about misplaced or lost items.

Interested in the Luxer One options available for your property? Email or call us at (877) LUXER-38 for more information and pricing.