We designed Luxer One with efficient driver deliveries as our number one priority. This means it is quick, easy and accepts 100% of packages.

Oversized Packages

We have found that about 20% of packages will not fit in a standard locker. With our special oversized locker, we are able to handle 100% of reasonable sized packages. Our oversized locker is linked with our video surveillance system, allowing multiple oversized packages to be delivered to the locker.

Available Locker Notification

If requested, we can alert your driver to the available number of lockers. This is especially helpful during the holiday season.

Online Video Surveillance

Our online surveillance system provides a real-time view of the lockers, along with cloud recording of all activities.

Automated Building Access

Using unique codes, your drivers have automated access to buildings with Luxer One, making deliveries quicker and more reliable.

Proof of Pick-up

We can see who picked up every package through our surveillance system. The system logs every time the locker is accessed, by both drivers and residents.

Signature Required

The system can require a signature on every delivery or on just the ones specified by the shipper. When a resident picks up their package, we capture their signature and store the image, which we can post to your API.