What if my package doesn’t fit?

All of our installations are required to have an oversized locker, which can handle multiple large packages (up to 75″ x 38″ x 25″). If a package does not fit in this locker, you will need to coordinate delivery with the customer directly.

What if all the lockers are full?

We can provide your driver or management with an update on available lockers through scheduled emails or drivers can text our automated system for a real-time report of the open locker count.

What if the package requires an adult signature?

At this time we cannot validate proof of age. It is something we are working on and hope to add it as a feature soon.

What if the package requires a signature?

When your driver makes their delivery, they can specify if a signature is required. If they select this option, the customer will be required to provide a signature before the locker can be opened. We can send this signature to your API and it is also stored in our system.

How long does it take to make a delivery?

It takes about 15 to 20 seconds per package for your driver to deliver a package to a locker.

How does a delivery driver access the lockers?

Each location will issue a unique ID to each carrier. This code will provide the driver with access to the building, as well as access to the lockers. When a driver enters this code, the system will validate them and provide them with a delivery interface. They simply select the resident and required locker size and then place the package in the assigned locker.

I own a local flower company. Can I work with Luxer One?

Absolutely. We are excited to work with any business looking to improve delivery efficiency. Please contact our sales team at (415)390-0123 to get started!