Missed deliveries cost a lot of money. Repeat trips to the same address, for the same package add up and customer satisfaction suffers when packages aren’t received as quickly as possible. When you work with Luxer One’s locker infrastructure, missed deliveries are a thing of the past!

No more getting buzzed in, searching for a hard-to-find apartment, missing deliveries, requiring signature, aggravated customers waiting all day for a delivery or any of the other hassles of urban package shipping. In a matter of minutes, your driver can complete all deliveries to a single building using our lockers, storing packages securely so they can be picked up at the customer’s convenience.

Our system is optimized for carrier efficiency. Carriers are provided with automated access to the building and on average it takes a carrier about 10 to 15 seconds to deliver a package to our lockers. Compared to the 2 to 5 minutes it takes per package for an average delivery, Luxer One can cut your delivery costs by over 75%!

More Volume

The way to grow your business is to drive more deliveries and the number one barrier to online shopping for urban dwellers is inconsistent delivery. With Luxer One, your deliveries will arrive on time, be securely stored and available to pick up on the customer’s schedule. Your satisfied customers will remember to use you the next time they need to ship a package!